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Warning: Trees Too Close to the House!

Trees abound in the northeast. Their beauty is one of the natural features that draws people to the area and makes them want to put down roots of their own.

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Posted by Norm Frates on May 31, 2017

A Covered Front Porch: More Than Just a Lovely Place to Sit

For many homeowners, having a covered front porch might seem like a luxury. The added expense of a covered porch stretches the budget, whether you are building new or renovating—is it worth it?

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Posted by Sherry Noyes on April 7, 2017

Building a House? Time for Your Final Grading!

No, you’re not back at school. We’re talking about the final grading of your land, done with bulldozers and other heavy equipment after your home is complete!

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Posted by Sherry Noyes on March 23, 2017

Building a House? Don’t Forget a Perc Test!

When you buy land to build a house from the ground up, you discover a world of stuff to think about. And one of the first and most important things? Sewage.

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Posted by Sherry Noyes on March 5, 2017

Building a House? Know These Four Options for Septic Systems

To plan your ideal home and watch it come into being is a pretty amazing process. And there’s probably nothing like the topic of sewage to burst that happy bubble where you daydream about your new home.

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Posted by Sherry Noyes on

Plans vs. Specifications: Which One Wins When Building a House?

All builders have two documents that guide them when building a house: the plans and the specifications. In a perfect world, those two documents seamlessly mesh together and support one another.

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Posted by Sherry Noyes on February 17, 2017

16 Home Construction Terms You Need to Know

Building a house is a complex process! You might be new to a lot of the terminology used by contractors and subcontractors.

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Posted by Mascoma Bank on February 9, 2017

Which House Plan is Best For You?

You bought some land, and you’re ready to move ahead with building a house. Now what you need is a plan! A house plan, that is.

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Posted by Sarah Powell on

What You Need to Know About House Plans vs Specifications

Building a house from scratch is a tremendous undertaking. It requires you to make a seemingly endless parade of decisions about things you might not have thought much about before. One area of confusion for first-time home builders can be the difference between the house plans and the specifications.

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Posted by Sarah Powell on

Your House Plan: What Does it Include?

If you’re building a house, you have to have a plan—a set of scaled drawings and written specifications that will guide virtually every aspect of construction.

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Posted by Mascoma Bank on February 7, 2017

The Secret to Finding a Builder You Can Trust

When you build a new house or undertake a major home renovation, you spend a lot of time with builders and contractors. How can you be sure you’re getting the best person for the job?

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Posted by Sarah Powell on December 15, 2016

5 Home Improvements To Raise Your Home’s Value and 5 That Rarely Do

Home renovations can add value to a home, but you need to choose your project carefully.

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Posted by Sarah Powell on July 29, 2016