Mascoma Bank is different by design.

We were established to help our communities and customers, not to benefit investors. That means we always put you first. As a Certified B Corporation®, we know that together we can make a difference.

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Community First Since 1899

Community First Since 1899

For Mascoma Bank, becoming a B Corp was a natural extension of what we have always been—a bank chartered to serve the needs of our communities. Now, we are taking that commitment even further.

As a Certified B Corporation® We Are:

A Force For Positive Change

Striving to be a force for positive change, creating benefit for all our stakeholders—not just shareholders.

People and Place Matter

Conducting business knowing that people and place matter, aspiring both to do no harm and to benefit all.

Responsible for Each Other

Recognizing our INTERdependence, because we are dependent on and responsible for each other as well as future generations.

Continuing to Change and Grow

Not just any other bank, and we will continue to change and grow to better serve the world around us.

Constantly Striving to do things better

Not afraid to do things differently and we constantly strive to do things better.

Part of this Future

Making the change we seek happen and we invite everyone to be part of this future.

Making a Positive Impact

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For more than 100 years, Mascoma Bank has been meeting the mortgage needs of the people in New Hampshire and Vermont. We combine the latest technology with outstanding personal service.

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For generations, Mascoma Bank has served the banking needs of our neighbors. We pride ourselves on offering a truly broad range of personal accounts and services that meet your individual desires and needs.

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Personal Loans

Whatever your borrowing needs are, Mascoma Bank’s flexible financing options can help you achieve your financial goals. Whether you’re buying a new car, building an addition to your home, or just need a personal loan, Mascoma Bank offers competitive rates and a variety of loan terms to fit almost any need.

Since 1899, we have served the banking needs of our neighbors in New Hampshire and Vermont. We offer a full range of consumer loans including mortgage, auto, and other personal loans.

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As a business person, you understand how important it is to know your customer and provide that special service that sets you apart from your competition. The business bankers at Mascoma Bank understand this. That’s why we take the time to get to know you and your business personally, and work with you to create a package of banking services that best helps your business grow and flourish.

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A financial professional can help you develop an investment strategy that’s right for you and can provide insight on how to plan for many of life’s major events.

Without proper financial and estate planning, all your other planning could be impacted by circumstances beyond your control.

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Private Banking

Private Banking at Mascoma Bank starts with what we have always been known for: putting our customers first, understanding the big picture, and providing the right tools to meet every goal. Private Banking blends these ideals together with a level of expertise and coordination that helps today’s professionals navigate increasingly complex financial needs.

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