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Turning Points Network: Safe Homes, Safe Communities

author imagePosted by Mascoma Bank on July 11, 2023

Turning Points Network (TPN) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing violence, located in Claremont and Newport, New Hampshire, and serving all of Sullivan County.

TPN’s mission is to enhance the safety and well-being of survivors of domestic and sexual abuse and stalking through empowerment and advocacy; to create a community responsive to all victims and survivors through education, outreach, and accountability; and to empower the community to establish a safer culture. Originally founded in 1977 as the Woman’s Supportive Services and serving as a support agency for children and women, the name was later changed to Turning Points Network in 2008 to better encompass the mission of the organization.

TPN is a 24-hour abuse victim support agency. The organization focuses on two components: First, victims get the help they need to recover from their trauma. Second, TPN provides prevention education to schools, first responders, and the general community. TPN offers support to victim-survivors through a 24-hour emergency crisis line, counseling, emergency shelters, and other services such as transitional housing. TPN likes to remind everyone that you don’t need to be in crisis to use their services and people can also reach out for help during their recovery.

The transitional housing program is a vital resource for victims of abuse who live in unsafe households. The program helps bridge victims’ transitions during a move from an abusive situation to a new safe home by using federal funds to subsidize housing for up to 18 to 24 months. TPN also offers financial literacy training to people in the program so victims can support their living situations in the future.

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To increase awareness and help prevent future abuse, TPN sends representatives to schools (preschool through college) to provide age-appropriate information on how to have healthy relationships and how to be a proactive bystander. TPN educates the community by hosting training events at libraries and by handing out educational pamphlets. TPN’s ultimate goal is to end all violence in the community.

Pascale Graham, TPN’s Executive Director, said that her favorite part of her job is “seeing the community support. This is best illustrated at our annual 5k, Steppin’ Up, which raises money to support funding for our services. This year’s event in April had over 500 participants, which showed the support and importance of our organization’s work.” TPN is always looking for new volunteers—opportunities are listed on the website.

Pascale talked about the importance of Mascoma Bank’s contribution and said that the bank’s donation of unrestricted funds is extremely beneficial as they can use the funds for immediate needs such as their emergency shelter, which recently burned down and needs to be rebuilt.

Mascoma Bank is proud to help support Turning Points Network’s mission of supporting victims of abuse with the eventual goal of ending violence altogether.