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Let the Sun Work for You

Considering going solar but don’t know how to start? We’re here to help.
Whether you’re thinking about how to save money, reducing your reliance on an electric company, or moving to renewable energy, we can help answer your questions about getting solar energy for your home.

Here’s a playlist that’ll put a little sunshine in your life while you explore adding solar to your home.

How do I get started?

Find an installer

Get a free assessment and proposal

Connect with a lender

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Apply for a loan

Get approved for financing

Set installation date

Frequently Asked Questions

When Will I Start Saving Money and Become Energy Independent?

The benefits start on day #1. Once your panels or trackers (panels that follow the sun) are installed, you are on your way to saving on your next electric bill. And, given that you are now pulling energy from the sun, you will be trimming back our electric grid’s need to rely on fossil fuels and nuclear energy. The planet may not send you a thank you note, but you’ll be helping out right away. That also means you’ll be taking a HUGE step towards energy independence. So, what are you waiting for?

How Do I Get Started?

Your first step is to find an installer. The installer will conduct a free site assessment to evaluate if your property is a good match for solar. They can provide you with a proposal for your property, and when you have a signed contract, you will connect with our Mascoma Bank lending team to arrange financing. Once financing is approved, distribution of funds can occur within 48 hours.

I'm Ready to Go Solar. Can You Recommend a Solar Installer?

We partner with four installers in Vermont and New Hampshire but can finance solar projects with any installer you choose. If you want to find out more about how solar would work at your home, we encourage you to contact the following solar providers. Mascoma Bank is not guaranteeing any business with affiliates. All customers must meet standard underwriting guidelines.

I've Heard There Are More Ways to Save or Earn Money if I Add Solar Panels. Will I Be Eligible for Those?

When you go solar, you can potentially receive tax credit benefits. You may also receive quarterly payments for contributing clean energy to the grid by selling Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). We’d recommend asking your solar installer about the details of potential federal and state tax incentives, REC options, or other rebate opportunities.

Are There Any Special Financing Options I Should Know About?

We partner with four installers in Vermont and New Hampshire and can offer special financing for installations performed by:

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