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Solaflect Customer Financing

solar panel and blue sky with Solaflect company logo below

Making Clean Energy Affordable

Mascoma Bank has tailored loans to help you afford home solar installations and can offer special financing rates ONLY AVAILABLE to Solaflect customers. Founded in 2007, Solaflect is a Vermont-based developer, manufacturer, and installer of solar Trackers that accurately follow the sun, allowing solar panels to generate 40% more power than fixed installations. Our customers love that their innovative and attractive design captures more of the sun’s energy, increasing efficiency, and lowering costs. Mascoma Bank is not affiliated with Solaflect and is not guaranteeing any business with them.

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Power Your Home

  • Loans up to $60,000.
  • Interest rate varies with term and multiple loan terms available.
  • Payment amounts subject to change after initial 12 months based on tax credits or other funds applied to principal.
  • Energy efficiency improvements completed during solar installation and listed on the sales contract can be consolidated in your solar loan.

Solar Loan Requirements:

  • Solar purchase and sales contract.
  • Customer must meet standard underwriting guidelines.
  • Customer is the owner of the residence.