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Working for Families: Lund

author imagePosted by Mascoma Bank on August 1, 2022

This year, Lund celebrates its 132nd year of championing families across the state of Vermont.

Lund’s mission is to ensure that every child thrives within a safe and loving home. This involves supporting adult caretakers and children through programs that empower families. “By supporting both children and parents, we ensure a wraparound support system,” says Sharon Lifschutz, Director of Development. “There is not just one need, but many. The question comes down to ‘How can we support the whole family?’”

Lund has been finding answers to this question since it began as an adoption agency in 1890. It has since evolved into an organization that reaches nearly 5,000 people each year with adoption services, education initiatives, and residential and community treatment programs. “We truly do put the children at the center of our work because every child deserves to find their forever family,” says Lifschutz.

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This philosophy is evident in their many programs, including the Kids-A-Part program, which works to reduce the impact of parental incarceration on children. Project Family, a partnership with Vermont’s Department for Children and Families, aims to find forever homes for older children. Lund’s Residential Treatment program is the only place in Vermont where parents can seek treatment while living with and actively parenting their children.  And at Lund’s very popular annual Adoption Picnic, families come together to celebrate the joys and challenges of being a family.

Strong families are an essential part of strong communities, and Mascoma Bank knows that supporting families, especially the most vulnerable, can have a rippling effect across generations. “We are grateful to Mascoma Bank,” says Lifschutz. “Through their advocacy and support, they help us inspire confidence in families who need our help.”

For more information on Lund and the ways you can get involved in making a difference, visit the Lund website.