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Tech Support in the Upper Valley—Who You Gonna Call?

author imagePosted by Janet Costa on April 2, 2019

How much do you depend on your smartphone, iPad, laptop, or tablet? If any one of those devices stopped working right now, just how far up a creek without a paddle would you be? Does the thought alone make you break out in a cold sweat?

When you need tech support ASAP, who you gonna call?

If you’re like most folks, you probably don’t have a ready answer to that question. Which is odd. You depend on your car for transportation, and we bet you know the name and number (or your phone does!) of a trusted mechanic. And you depend on those electronic devices for all kinds of work, recreation, and social connections, but you may not have a clue about local tech support.

Fear not! There’s help available in the Upper Valley, and the Geek Squad at Best Buy in West Lebanon, New Hampshire, is not your only option. We’ll make some business introductions—in a minute. But first we are going to insist you purchase and start using—on a regular basis—an external hard drive. A little flash drive is nice. But if you want to be really safe and back up all your important files from your computer, invest in a portable hard drive with at least 1 terabyte (TB) of storage space. They are small and inexpensive (around $50), and they just might save your electronic life!

And now, on to business!

On the New Hampshire side of the Connecticut River, you can find help with a range of electronic devices at these sites.

On the Vermont side of the Upper Valley, device first responders are ready and waiting at these businesses.