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Health Care is Community Care

author imagePosted by Mascoma Bank on May 5, 2021

Community Health Centers of Burlington (CHCB) provides affordable, quality health care to all who need it, regardless of financial status or life circumstances.

Founded in 1971, CHCB is now caring for more than 30,000 patients, and the pace of that growth has accelerated rapidly as community need continues to grow. Under the umbrella of comprehensive services, community residents can access primary and preventive health care, dental services, psychiatry and mental health services, and substance abuse treatment provided in a compassionate, respectful, and professional manner.

Donations from the Mascoma Bank Foundation have allowed CHCB to host fundraising events and invest further in their services. When Mascoma Bank joined the Old North End neighborhood, we reached out to CHCB to see how we could help more. That initial query quickly grew into financial support for translation services for patient appointments and documents, extending the accessibility of health care services for individuals with limited English proficiency.

At the start of the pandemic, Mascoma moved to support CHCB’s Riverside Health Center by contributing to new carpeting expenses for better safety and sanitation. A more recent gift supported the 20% increase in demand for mental health services that CHCB has experienced in the last six months.

Kim Anderson, director of development and communications at CHCB, shared, “We’re so fortunate to have an organization that took the time to understand the true needs of our neighborhood.” She noted how Mascoma’s community-centered focus has “helped our organization feel supported and to continue the important care we provide every day.”