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Why Hire a Financial Advisor

Susan Winchester

When we make big decisions in life most of us look for a source of expertise and guidance to help us make thoughtful choices. That’s what professional financial advice is all about. Ongoing financial planning can pay off in many ways. Industry studies estimate that receiving professional financial advice can add 1.5 to 4 percent to portfolio growth over extended periods of time.

Of course the value of advice varies greatly. For one thing, what one person wants from a financial advisor may be very different from what another does. At Mascoma Wealth Management, we try to meet you where you are and understand your needs. We work to help you outline and understand your financial goals. That means for most investors who choose to work with an advisor, the advice from us isn’t just about choosing one investment over another, it’s about how those investments decisions will support your plans.

That could mean focusing on long-term goals like retirement or shorter-term ones like buying a house, paying for education, legacy planning, or charitable giving. For many of you, this ongoing financial planning and coaching may be the piece you most value of having a financial advisor in your corner.

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