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Environmental, Social, and Governance Investing

Matt Dattilio

Invest with Purpose

“In trying to create a better future, we recognize the importance Environmental, Social, and Governance investing will play. That is why the fund companies we use aren’t those who are just trying to make a product appeal to this target market, but rather we use the firms who are thought leaders, and innovators in this space. I feel extremely confident in saying that our ESG portfolios offer clients the most appealing ESG investments available in the market today, while still being well-diversified and liquid via ETF’s as opposed to direct investments.”
-Matthew Dattilio, CFP® Senior Portfolio Manager

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What is ESG?

Environmental, Social, and Governance investing is the filtration of the investment world through an intense screening process to avoid specific companies that are in controversial industries such as weapons, alcohol, and tobacco. Additionally, ESG investing goes further by increasing exposure to companies exhibiting beneficial behaviors such as clean energy, education, and diversity.

ESG investing at Mascoma

Mascoma Bank is proud to be a B-Corporation. This means we strongly believe in the corporate responsibility to better our society through social and environmental practices. ESG investing is a natural extension of how we operate, and we are proud to offer it to you. Together, we can make a difference for our future generations.

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Our approach

We center our ESG investment philosophy around a core satellite approach in which we use Exchange Traded Funds. Our sustainable core is designed to provide our clients an opportunity to invest in companies with positive environmental, social and governance business practices across most major asset classes such as: US large, mid, and small cap, international developed markets, emerging markets, and fixed income. This ensures a strongly diversified core which is at the center of our investment philosophy. Numerous empirical studies have shown that a broadly diversified portfolio can deliver superior returns with minimum volatility. We then take satellite positions which are typically thematic, meaning these investments focus on a particular environmental, social, or governance issue to complete the overall portfolio. We continuously monitor these asset classes focusing on growth, inflation, interest rates, current valuations, price trends, and fiscal policies in every market where we may invest.


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