The Mascoma Bank Foundation

In 1988, Mascoma Bank established the Mascoma Bank Foundation and funded it with $1,000,000 for the purpose of giving back an “ongoing dividend” in the form of grants to the communities responsible for Mascoma Bank’s prosperity.
At Mascoma Bank, our commitment to the community goes beyond offering a broad range of financial services, meeting the credit needs of our customers, and employing more than 340 people. The Mascoma Bank Foundation, which has awarded over $4.7 million in grants to local nonprofit groups since its inception, is another way we show our dedication to the region.

The Mascoma Bank Foundation provides capital funding to not-for-profit organizations within Mascoma Bank’s market area that will contribute to the long-term benefit of its communities.

Typical projects may include facility and infrastructure improvements, new construction, and capital items outside normal operating budgets. The Foundation is especially interested in requests or projects that:

  • Significantly impact the organization’s long-term future, thereby contributing to our long-term commitment to creating positive change in our communities.
  • Have impact that extends beyond 20 years.
  • Substantially increase the capacity, long-term viability, and resilience of the organization.

Proposals will be considered two times per year. Deadline for proposals for the spring cycle are due no later than April 1. Deadline for proposals for the fall cycle are due no later than October 1. Applications should be complete on submission. Foundation Trustees will consider all proposals and make funding decisions at its regularly scheduled meetings following these deadline dates. For more significant projects the Trustees may request a site visit or ask that a member of the applicant organization attend one of its meetings to discuss and answer questions about the project. Notification of awards will be made within three months of the cycle application deadlines.

The application, preferably in the 5-10 page range should address the following:

  • Purpose of the project.
  • Summary of how funds will be used.
  • Expected impact of project on the communities served and how that will be measured.
  • A specific monetary request.
  • Budget for the project that includes all sources of financing.
  • Brief background on the organization.
  • Financial statements for the sponsoring organization.
  • Proof of 501c3 status.
  • Name, address, phone number and email address of a contact person.

Applications may be submitted electronically to:
If you have any further questions please contact Sarah at 603-443-8627 or by email.

Board of Trustees

  • Gretchen E. Cherington - Meriden, NH
  • Gary W. Gray - Westmoreland, NH
  • Edward T. Kerrigan - Hanover, NH
  • Frank J. Leibly III - Taftsville, VT
  • Daniel B. McGee - Lebanon, NH