• Fueling the Twin
    State Economy

    We lent more than $118,000,000 in new
    commercial loans in 2013.

  • A Commitment to Giving

    Mascoma Savings Bank and the Mascoma Savings Bank Foundation gave $915,847 through community grants last year (including David's House, pictured here).

  • Your Community Bank Since 1899

    Mutually owned with no shareholders to please, we are committed to remaining independent and investing in our community. Our first priority has always been—and always will be—you.

  • Peace of Mind

    Identity protection.

  • Canadian Rockies

    Featuring a Journey by Train and the Calgary Stampede.

  • Just SNAP It!

    Deposit checks when and where YOU want.

  • Person-to-Person

    Send money through email with Person-to-Person payment.

  • Mascoma Savings Bank offers peace of mind.

    ● Concerned about online security?
    Try Deluxe Provent: effective and affordable identity protection
    ● Identity theft affects more than 11 million people every year and
    take an average of 165 hours of work to recover.
    ● Credit monitoring, Internet monitoring, and ID restoration service
    are invaluable ways to protect your financial future today.

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  • Experience your own train expedition through the Canadian Rockies, where the voyage is about far more than the destination!

    There’s something about a journey by rail that evokes a nostalgic sense of generations past, all following their dreams through mountain passes.

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  • Just snap a picture with your phone and MOBILE DEPOSIT routes the money straight to your account.

    There’s no need to swing by a branch to deposit checks at Mascoma Savings Bank. Now you can use your phone to make a deposit wherever you are.

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  • With Person-to-Person Payments all you need to send money is your friend, child, or associate's email address.

    Send money to anyone in the United States with just an email address. Simply go to your Mascoma Internet Banking page and click the “send money” icon, and your recipient can deposit the money right into a bank account!

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  • Mortgage Rates

  • Home Equity

  • Consumer Loan Rates

  • Deposit Rates


Rates Can Change Without Notice

APR = Annual Percentage Rate.

APY = Annual Percentage Yield.

  • Apply Now
    • Fixed

      APR as low as

      30 year Fixed Rate

      Rate 4.125% | APR 4.181%

      15 year Fixed Rate

      Rate 3.250% | APR 3.344%

      Full List
    • Adjustable

      APR as low as

      5/1 ARM (2/6 Caps)

      Rate 3.125% | APR 3.729%

      3/1 year Adjustable Rate (2/6 Caps)

      Rate 2.990% | APR 3.340%

      Full List
    • Construction

      APR as low as

      5/1 ARM One Step Construction Loan

      Rate 3.125% | APR 3.789%

      15 Year Fixed One Step

      Rate 3.500% | APR 3.667%

      Full List
  • Apply Now
    • Home Equity

      APR as low as

      Relationship Gold Checking

      Rate 3.990% | APR 3.990%

      HE Loan Fixed Rate

      Rate 4.375% | APR 4.380%

      Full List
  • Apply Now
    • Passenger

      APR as low as

      New Auto/Truck (2013-2014)

      Rate 3.290% | APR 3.768%

      USED AUTO/TRUCK 2012-2013

      Rate 3.990% | APR 4.471%

    • Recreational

      APR as low as


      Rate 5.49% | APR 5.977%


      Rate 5.49% | APR 5.977%

  • Open Now
    • CD's and

      APY as high as

      11 Months CD/IRA Special

      Rate .30% | APY .30%

      Step It Up CD - 5 Year

      Rate 1.24% | APY 1.25%

    • Checking

      APY as high as

      Rewards Checking

      Rate .50% | APY .50%

      First Class

      Rate .20% | APY .20%



Mascoma Savings Bank—Mutually Owned Since 1899

Mascoma Savings Bank is mutually owned and not for sale. With no shareholders to please, we are committed to remaining independent and to re-investing profits in our community. Our first priority has always been—and always will be—you, our customers. We are different than other banks and give you the security of a long-term relationship. We make sure you can pick up the phone and get things done locally with people who make decisions on your behalf. At Mascoma Savings Bank, we’re putting you first, today and tomorrow.

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Our Bank is Your Bank

After 115 years serving our neighbors, it is more true than ever when we say, "Our bank is your bank."

20 YEARS: Carol Coffran, Debbie Carter, Jenifer Langley, Lori Brown, Stephanie Pregent

25 YEARS: Kris Bousquet, Paula Smith, Linda Wright, Kathie Nolet, Ken Wells, Priscilla Baravalle, Janet Costa, Denise Smith (not shown)

30 YEARS: Bonny Mock, Kim Finnemore, Sara Lewis

35 YEARS: Flossy Courtemanche, Liz Williams (not shown)

40 YEARS: Evelyn Jaros

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    Friends for Life

    Mascoma Savings Bank partnered with the Upper Valley Humane Society and Potter's Angels Rescue to bring awareness to pet adoption by having shelter pets…

  • Did You Know?

    Making Your Life Easier

    In what seems like the blink of an eye, the Upper Valley has gone from being a cellular desert to a place where smartphones…

  • Platinum Passport

    Australia – From the Outback to the Glaciers

    Pristine beaches and the Southern Alps await the intrepid adventurers who join the Platinum Passport Club down under! September 17 - October 10, 2015 (more…)

We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers, community and employees.

At Mascoma Savings Bank, we’re putting you first, today and tomorrow.