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Meet the Mascoma Bank Team! Spotlight on Amanda Roberts

author imagePosted by Mascoma Bank on February 26, 2020

Mascoma Bank team members are a special bunch. You’ll find an array of talents, experience, backgrounds—and that certain something that’s hard to describe but which embodies the spirit of Mascoma Bank.

Consider Amanda Roberts. She’s been working for Mascoma Bank for 14 years, starting as a Head Teller at the Sykes Avenue, White River Junction, branch. She became a Personal Banker and floated among branches for more than seven years, learning the ins-and-outs of many different bank operations. She’s now the Assistant Branch Manager in the Hanover office, where she landed after working as Retail Application Support Specialist and Senior Relationship Banker. “Before we acquired Connecticut River Bank, I was one of only a handful of employees who could say that they had worked at every one of our branches.”

Amanda embodies the compassion and care that Mascoma Bank employees use to great effect in their day-to-day interactions with the public. “At Mascoma, I get to help people all day! Sometimes I’m sharing knowledge and problem solving with my fellow team members, but mostly I’m helping customers. Often, customers know exactly what they want, but other times, I play detective and try to help them discover what they need.”

Amanda also appreciates the freedom she has to create opportunities for her customers. At other banks, decisions tend to be black and white, but at Mascoma Bank, there’s room for personal connections and thoughtful responses. “At Mascoma, we are allowed to make our own decisions. We have a ‘rule’ here that one person can say yes, but it takes two to say no. Meaning, I have to work really hard to tell someone that we can’t help them!”

But don’t think Amanda is any kind of pushover—actually, she’s a martial artist with three black belts.

The fact that Mascoma Bank is a Certified B Corp makes a lot of sense to Amanda, and she’s thrilled she gets to work in a place that reflects her own values. “I take pride in the fact that decisions made by the bank keep employees, customers, our communities and the environment in mind. We have always been focused on the communities we serve, but being a B-Corp holds us just a little more accountable.”

This concern for community shines most brightly for Amanda during the holiday season, when she volunteers at Hanover’s Holiday Night, which she’s done with her fellow Mascoma team members for the past seven years. “We get messy with the kids while they decorate cookies, we plaster them with tattoos (for some reason, they seem to love those face tattoos), and we help them ride the mechanical animals. But the most special part of the night is the anticipation that builds when it gets close to Santa’s visit. He arrives in his red, convertible VW Beetle and takes the elevator up to the third floor, where he will sit with every child that comes through the doors. As he rides up that glass elevator, I watch the kids’ (and adults’) faces—priceless. I know now how much work goes into this event, and I am so glad that Mascoma Bank continues to support this special night!”

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