How to Donate

Guidelines for contributions and sponsorships requested from Mascoma Bank

  • We will consider requests from organizations or activities that serve a need in our market area and benefit people living in this area.
  • Requests will be reviewed once per month.  Requests needing a shorter response time will not be considered.
  • We will generally consider no more than one proposal from an organization in a twelve month period.
  • Support in one year does not guarantee continued support in future years.Maximum requests up to $7,500.
  • We accept written requests only.
  • The Bank does not typically make donations to:
    •     State or National organizations
    •     Political groups
    •     Religious organizations
    •     Annual Operating Budgets

Requests should be sent to Donation Committee, Mascoma Bank, 67 North Park Street, Lebanon, NH  03766 or emailed to