Fraud Center Monitoring and smsGuardian Protection

Mascoma Bank has joined with Jack Henry Associates Fraud Center for a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week service to monitor customers’ debit card transactions for possible fraudulent activity. The system uses a technology that learns about customer behavior patterns.  If a transaction is detected outside of a customer’s normal behavior the Fraud Center will attempt to contact the customer to verify if the transaction was legitimate or not.  It is important to note that the Fraud Center does not have access to any customer account information.  They only have access to the specific transaction and the customer contact information.

If a possible fraudulent transaction is detected the Fraud Center will first attempt to contact the customer with an email including directions to the customer on how to  respond if the transaction was legitimate or fraudulent.  The email will be addressed to the customer using the email address on file and will be from our fraud center,

If the customer does not respond to the email, the Fraud Center will then send out a text message to the customer’s cell phone with instructions on how to respond.

If the customer does not respond to the text, the Fraud Center will send out an automated phone call to whatever phone numbers the customer has on file with the Bank. The automated call will give the customer instructions on how to respond to gather the transaction information and respond if it was legitimate or fraudulent.

If the customer does not answer the phone a voice message will be left indentifying that they are calling from the Bank’s Fraud Center and have identified a questionable debit card transaction. They will leave a call back number for the customer.

If the customer indicates that the transaction was fraudulent or if the customer does not reply to the texts or phone messages, the debit card will have a hold placed on it and therefore unusable for future transactions.

It is extremely important that the Bank has your current phone numbers on file including numbers for home, work, and mobile.

As well as working with the Fraud Center, we have also introduced Mascoma Bank Debit Card smsGuardian.  This service monitors the transactions of your registered debit cards. You will receive a text alert for any debit card charges greater than $300 or any transaction that is declined. A free service to help you protect yourself from fraud.  You must register your debit cards for this service, to learn more visit  smsGuardian.

It is also important to let the Bank know when you are travelling to locations outside of your normal behavior. If you plan on taking a vacation or traveling for work, it is a good idea to let the Bank know.  We will make note of your plans on your account and notify the Fraud Center.  That way if they see a transaction that happens at a location that is not part of your normal behavior they will know that you had plans to travel to that destination.  Sharing this information could spare you the inconvenience of having a hold unexpectedly placed on your debit card.

The customer is always welcome to contact the Bank at 888-627-2662 if they ever have any questions about this process. However, we do recommend that they respond to the Fraud Center directly when there is an issue at 800-417-4592.

If you have recently changed your contact information please complete a Change of Contact Information Form.  You can either mail it or drop off at any of our branch locations.