Bill Pay Inquiry - Business Account

I AUTHORIZE my financial institution to post payment transactions generated by personal computer from the Internet Bill Paying Service to the account indicated on this agreement. I understand that I am in full control of my account. If at any time I decided to discontinue service, I will provide written notification to Mascoma Savings Bank. My use of Internet Bill Paying signifies that I have read and accepted all the terms and conditions of Internet Bill Pay.

I UNDERSTAND that payments may take up to 10 days to reach the vendor and that they will be sent either electronically or by check. Mascoma Savings Bank is not liable for any service fees or late charges levied against me. I also understand that I am responsible for any loss or penalty that I may incur due to a lack of sufficient funds or other conditions that may prevent the withdrawal of funds from my account.

By pressing the submit button below, customer(s) acknowledges receipt of the Federal Electronic Transfer Act Disclosure**. As Internet banking services expand, this regulation will govern your protective rights.

**You received 'Reg DD'and 'Reg E' when you opened your account. Please call 1-888-MASCOMA if you would like another copy.


You must have an Internet Banking NetTeller ID and a Mascoma Savings Bank checking account to qualify for Bill Payer. If you do not have a NetTeller ID, please complete both the Internet Banking NetTeller ID and the Bill Payer applications.

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