Purpose, Values and Culture


Every Mascoma Bank employee shares one common purpose. That purpose is to deliver exceptional customer service while improving our community and our customers’ lives. It is important that they live by this purpose and continuously deliver exceptional customer service to both external and internal customers. All tasks and duties that each employee is responsible for come second to this main purpose. Every job function at the Bank is important. The manner in which we do our job has a lasting effect on all of the Bank’s customers.


In the fulfillment of the Bank’s Mission Statement, we subscribe to these Core Values as our guiding principles and it is imperative that all employees of the Bank subscribe to these Values.

  • Mutual Respect and Trust
    We work with customers (internal and external) openly, honestly, sincerely, and ethically. We follow through on commitments and assume and expect the same from others.
  • Commitment to Excellence
    We continually strive to exceed our personal best and to exceed customers’ expectations (internal and external).
  • Employee Well-being
    We foster stability and opportunity for all employees committed to Mascoma Bank’s Purpose and Values. Our potential has no limit and is driven by the quality of our employees.
  • You Represent the Bank
    Every customer that comes in contact with the Bank looks at you as a representation of the Bank. It is expected that all employees represent the Bank in a professional and caring manner. Our appearance, how we carry ourselves, how we respond to every customer, each one has an impact on the customer’s experience.


  • Never Say “No” to a Customer
    Every employee of the Bank should be striving to give customers options to their problems. There will be situations where we cannot do exactly as the customer wishes, therefore we work to give the customer other options instead of telling them “no”.
  • Treat Every Customer as Your Only Customer
    Treat every customer as if they were the only customer of the Bank. Treat each one with respect, and continuously deliver exceptional customer service.