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Mascoma Pay touchscreen terminal - sale, return, void, authorize

Introducing MascomaPay

Mascoma Bank is proud to offer credit and debit card processing services to new and existing business banking customers throughout Vermont and New Hampshire.

MascomaPay customers enjoy:

  • Fair, flat-rate pricing with no contracts and zero hidden fees
  • Quick online application
  • A local and trusted financial partner
  • Easy-to-use hardware and software
  • Complete dispute resolution support

Will I need to sign a contract?

You will sign a services agreement, but you can cancel at any time with no cancellation fees or penalties.

How is your technical support different?

Our support is live and local—real people who will understand your business needs and are ready to help.

What’s different about your rates and fees?

We offer easy-to-understand, transparent, clear billing. You pay a flat rate for the transactions you process. There are no hidden monthly fees. Rates are simply dependent on your transaction volume, average ticket size, and industry.

Will my rate ever change?

The major card brands periodically increase the rates paid to card issuing banks. Your rate will only increase if those underlying rates change. We will provide 90-days written notice.

When do funds hit my account?

Next day by 4 pm for accounts at Mascoma Bank. Second day by
4 pm for accounts held elsewhere.

Do I have to buy anything else?

Yes. You will purchase the terminal from Mascoma Bank (approx. $250) and additional receipt paper independently.

How do I sign up?

  • Contact your relationship banker to schedule a consultation.
  • Provide 3-6 months of processing statements from your current provider.
  • Mascoma Bank will prepare a no-obligation pricing proposal.
  • Complete an online application.
  • Mascoma Bank will underwrite and board your business onto the MascomaPay platform.
  • Mascoma Bank will install your payment device within two days of receiving your application.