Career Highlights

  • Karisa Maynard

    Float Teller

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    I have been with the bank since 2006, first as full time, then through the six years of me going to college. The bank has been flexible and supportive of me through this time and I really appreciate that. Mascoma Bank has given me a solid base of work and experience I can carry with me through the rest of my life. I have always felt welcomed and supported at any location I have traveled to in the past, and hope to travel to in the future as a float teller. Thank you Mascoma Savings Bank for being a great work family!

  • Alan Grover

    Electronic Services

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    Mascoma Savings Bank is a company that cares about the employees and the communities in which we live and work.  I have worked for the bank for 16 years and have found it to be a tremendous place to work.  The educational opportunities and instruction that I have received have allowed me to move within the bank as my knowledge has grown.   The atmosphere is very conducive to making sure that we can do our best.   Mascoma Savings Bank has taken this philosophy out into the community to assist and in some cases sponsor a program that helps the community to be its best.  It is this continuing philosophy that makes working here a very rewarding experience.

  • Christine Corcoran

    Personal Banker

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    What I love most about the time I have spent at Mascoma Savings Bank is the continual encouragement to expand our education. MSB offers so many wonderful classes for all learning types including, instructor led courses, self paced courses, and online courses. These courses have helped my professional growth and development and have allowed me to be successful in my career. MSB encourages their employees to develop personal goals while giving us the resources that make it possible for us to accomplish them.